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Tigers trade for Roger Cedeno, Mitch Melusky, and Chris Holt

When we told the Tigers what to do this season, we had no idea they could make a move like this. Well, at least we had no idea that the Astros would be willing to make a move like this. Cedeno gives the Tigers a much needed leadoff hitter who gets on base at a 40% clip and who, because of his speed, can exploit Comerica's cavernous outfield with his bat and keep runs off the board with his glove. He's also the only center fielder on a Tigers roster chok full of corner guys. Melusky gives them a young stud catcher with an OPS of .863 already in his young career - an increase on Ausmus' career .708. We've been high on him ever since Sully actually drafted him in our fantasy league two years ago (of course, he missed most of the season due to injury). Holt had a rough April and September last year for an atrocious Astro team, but was actually very good in between, posting a 4.37 ERA, which is more than socially acceptable at Enron field and should improve at Comerica Park.

Brocail and Cruz are tough losses to take out of the pen, but they can get a releiver or two in a possible Tony Clark trade. Overall, a small price to pay for making the team much stronger up the middle and strengthening three positions.

Triple Steal rating: Triple

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TripleSteal Rating Scale:
Grand Slam - A can't miss move; automatically makes the team considerably better.
Home Run -
A great move; will help the team now and down the road.
Triple -
A good move; plugs a temporary hole or will help in the future.
Double -
An average move; team will get what they paid for.
Single -
A head-scratcher; could help, but we definitely don't see how.
Out -
A panic move; tells fans "hey, we're trying..."
Double Play -
A disaster; will make fans angry just thinking about it.

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