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Dodgers re-sign Darren Dreifort for 5 years, $55 million

It's tempting to just print the three words "Too much money" and end it at that, but just for kicks, lets investigate this one a little. Dreifort is a solid young pitcher just entering his prime, but for a guy who's 39-45 lifetime, you have to wonder about a $55 million commitment, especially with Kevin Brown, Gary Sheffield, and Shawn Green already on the payroll, Chan Ho Park coming up on free agency, and Charles Johnson about to come on board for about $ 10 million per. The best thing for the Dodgers to do may have been to just let the Rockies overpay for Dreifort so he could go to Colorado and have his confidence shattered by Coors Field, weakening a division rival on the field and the payroll at the same time. The way that salaries are going now, this may turn out to be a great move down the road, but for right now this looks like a lot to give an unproven commodity.

Triple Steal rating: Single

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TripleSteal Rating Scale:
Grand Slam - A can't miss move; automatically makes the team considerably better.
Home Run -
A great move; will help the team now and down the road.
Triple -
A good move; plugs a temporary hole or will help in the future.
Double -
An average move; team will get what they paid for.
Single -
A head-scratcher; could help, but we definitely don't see how.
Out -
A panic move; tells fans "hey, we're trying..."
Double Play -
A disaster; will make fans angry just thinking about it.

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