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Royals sign Doug Henry for 2 years, $2.9 million

The Royals made upgrading their horror show of a bullpen off-season priority number one, and they seem to be going about accomplishing this goal with a lot less reckless abandon than our friends the Phillies. First of all, they didn't break the bank on this one, and second of all, they got a pretty good pitcher in Doug Henry. Henry's been around the block in his time, but he put up some pretty good numbers last year in between San Francisco and Houston (.207 BA against, 3.79 ERA), and sports a career 3.95 ERA. Overall, a solid move for the Royals, especially since it might lead to them not re-signing Ricky Bottalico.

Triple Steal Rating: Double

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TripleSteal Rating Scale:
Grand Slam - A can't miss move; automatically makes the team considerably better.
Home Run -
A great move; will help the team now and down the road.
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A good move; plugs a temporary hole or will help in the future.
Double -
An average move; team will get what they paid for.
Single -
A head-scratcher; could help, but we definitely don't see how.
Out -
A panic move; tells fans "hey, we're trying..."
Double Play -
A disaster; will make fans angry just thinking about it.© 2000 JBaseball

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