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Mets re-sign Turk Wendell for 3 years, $9.999 million

The Mets have their bullpen back.  While John Franco may be too old for a three-year deal, Wendell is not.  It appears that with how the Mets' starting pitching will end up, the bullpen will need to throw a lot of innings next year, so bringing back Wendell was a move they needed to make. They paid him fair market value and this is a deal that should work out well for both sides. Wendell is an effective reliever and a good, fun guy to have in the clubhouse.

Triple Steal Rating: Triple

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TripleSteal Rating Scale:
Grand Slam - A can't miss move; automatically makes the team considerably better.
Home Run -
A great move; will help the team now and down the road.
Triple -
A good move; plugs a temporary hole or will help in the future.
Double -
An average move; team will get what they paid for.
Single -
A head-scratcher; could help, but we definitely don't see how.
Out -
A panic move; tells fans "hey, we're trying..."
Double Play -
A disaster; will make fans angry just thinking about it.© 2000 JBaseball

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