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  • Jeremy Burnitz has told the Brewers that if they are going to re-sign him, they better do it before spring training. Burnitz' asking price is $9-10 million per season. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/26/2000)

  • The Brewers offered Geoff Jenkins a contract extension, and will do so soon with Richie Sexson as well. Neither player is arbitration eligible yet. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/17/2000)

  • Jeremy Burnitz wants to talk to the Brewers about a multi-year deal as he's entering the final year of his contract. He hasn't heard back from the team in the past month. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/3/2000)

  • The Brewers are considering trading for Phil Nevin, as Sean Burroughs may be ready. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/3/2000)

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