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  • Juan Gonzalez's agent has said that Gonzalez is open to returning to Texas. (Dallas Morning News, 11/26/2000)

  • If John Wetteland does not return to the Rangers, Tim Crabtree will likely lead a closer-by-committee. (Dallas Morning News, 11/6/2000)

  • The Rangers are interested in Bret Boone. (Fort Worth Star Telegram, 11/4/2000)

  • John Wetteland is considering retirement after recent back trouble. (Dallas Morning News, 11/4/2000)

  • The Rangers might be interested in trading for Phil Nevin, but the Padres are interested in an inexpensive shortstop and corner outfielder, and Royce Clayton's $4.5 million salary might be too much. (Dallas Morning News, 11/4/2000)

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