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December 2000

What The Tigers Should Do

Greg Sullivan tells the Tigers to resist the temptation of signing Juan Gonzalez and build a team that can win in Comerica Park. (12/2/00)

November 2000

Fun with Similarity Scores

Warren Menzer goes off on a weird tangent to look at a few of the most similar seasons. (11/29/00)

Where Will Mussina Go?

Sure, maybe he's a bit biased, but Ross Friedman has the inside scoop on the future of Mike Mussina. (11/28/00)

Why Baseball is the Best

Do you miss baseball season already? Ross Friedman helps us all through the winter with his 162 reasons why baseball is the best sport around. (11/26/00)

Timing is Everything

Ross Friedman explains that when trying to sign players, timing is crucial . (11/22/00)

Coming Up Short

Alex Rodriguez looks like he's a shoo-in for the Hall of Fame, but as Warren Menzer reports, there have always been players who haven't lived up to expectations. (11/21/00)

What the Mets Should Do

Ross Friedman says that regardless of what has already happened, the Mets need A-Rod. (11/19/00)

What the Diamondbacks Should Do

Spend more or cut back? Ross Friedman suggests an answer to the Diamondbacks. (11/18/00)

To Win a Pennant

Warren Menzer takes a break from team analyses and looks at the statistics of winning a pennant. (11/18/00)

What the Orioles Should Do

Warren Menzer tells the Orioles to start over. Now. (11/17/00)

What the Braves Should Do

Warren Menzer gives advice on what the Braves can do to keep winning. (11/17/00)

Stop The Madness

A-Rod wants 12 years here, $20 million there, and icon status from his new team. Greg Sullivan says that teams should follow the lead of the Mets in knowing where to draw the line. (11/14/00)

Triple Steal Awards, part 2

The TripleSteal staff finishes presenting the first annual Triple Steal awards - focusing on the National League. (11/13/00)

What the Red Sox Should Do

Sports Illustrated said they would go all the way in 2000. They didn't. Greg Sullivan talks about where the Sox go from here. (11/12/00)

Billy Martin, Hall of Famer

He was crazy, self-destructive, and mean. But Ross Friedman writes that all he did was win. (11/11/00)

What the Brewers Should Do

In the third installment of the series, Ross Friedman writes that the Brewers need help. Badly. (11/9/00)

What the White Sox Should Do

Ross Friedman continues his series, and writes about how the White Sox can continue their winning ways. (11/7/00)

What the Yankees Should Do

Ross Friedman gives his suggestions of the moves the Yankees should make in order to make it four in a row. (11/6/00)

TripleSteal Awards

The TripleSteal staff presents the first annual TripleSteal awards, and today looks at the American League. (11/6/00)

Hidden Gems

Warren Menzer presents five free agents that aren't being talked about but could make an impact. (11/4/00)

2000 Awards, part 2

Warren Menzer finishes giving out the annual awards. (11/3/00)

The Art Of Being A Fan

Greg Sullivan explains how you should and shouldn't act at the ballpark. (11/1/00)

The November Twelve

No, not a jury. Ross Friedman looks at twelve of the biggest names in this year's Hot Stove League. (11/1/00)

October 2000

Not Intent, Team

Ross Friedman says Roger Clemens may be crazy, but the Mets didn't act like a team in Game 2. (10/31/00)

2000 Awards, part 1

Warren Menzer takes a look at the best players of the 2000 season. (10/30/00)

Redefining Dynasties

Ross Friedman investigates sports dynasties, and why the Yankees are one of a select few. (10/29/00)

Cub Fans: Used and Abused

Ross Friedman explains why the Cubs try not to win. (10/28/00)

A Message to Bud Selig

Ross Friedman sends a Dear Bud letter. (10/27/00)

Chemically Reactive

Ross Friedman investigates the players whose presence in the clubhouse can spell doom for any team. (10/26/00)

The Hall of Fame Debate: Bert Blyleven

Warren Menzer writes that Blyleven is comparable to Nolan Ryan and Steve Carlton. (10/24/00)

Ross Friedman responds that Bert Blyleven was a mediocre pitcher who pitched forever. (10/25/00)

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