Reading Program

Program Details

  • A month long reading program designed for elementary schools to help increase literacy in students, and encourage them to read.
  • Students will read their way around a baseball diamond, with each base having a different goal and reward.
  • Teachers can choose their own goals at each base in which students are required to complete.
  • When a student completes the desired goal for a base they will be awarded a prize. If they reach home plate by completing all goals, they will receive an order form for a free ticket to a July game (teachers will let coordinators know how many order forms they need for participants in class).
  • One person from the school will be the main contact person involved with the program.
  • Program materials and other information will be emailed to the coordinator after the school’s enrollment form is received.
  • The school coordinator will distribute materials to all participating classes, in which, teachers will then distribute individually to students.
  • All coordinators will receive two free tickets to July game of their choice.
  • Parent/Guardian of student(s) will be responsible for recording/checking student totals.


  • March 31st: Deadline for schools to register for the Reading Program
  • April 1st: Reading program begins
  • May 1st: Reading program concludes
  • May 3rd-July 31st: All ticket orders can be placed for July game of family’s choice. Each family will do this individually by scanning and emailing the form to or calling 414-908-6341


To get your school involved with the Reading Program, please fill out the attached order form and:

Scan & Email to:

Fax to: 414-224-9290

Call: 414-908-6341

Questions? Contact Ryan Herbert at 414-908-6341