Hey Bud, Fiscal Responsibility Starts at Home

So the Brewers were duped into giving Jeffrey Hammonds $20 million, and Ross Friedman is fed up with their long list of stupid signings(12/23/00)

Market Share, Shmarket Share

Warren Menzer is sick of hearing how baseball's financial inequality is dooming the game, and explains why. (12/16/00)

Making Sense of What Just Happened

18 years. $412 million. Ross Friedman explains about what went on yesterday. (12/12/00)

Note to AL: Don't let Yanks get Henson Back

Ross Friedman suggests a very unorthdox strategy for AL teams: trade for a player who won't play for you. (12/11/00)

What the Royals Should Do

The Royals are looking to trade Johnny Damon at baseball's winter meetings, and Greg Sullivan thinks that would be a very bad move. (12/10/00)

Fool Me for One Year, Shame on You. Fool Me for Eight Years....

Ross Friedman has watched the moves made by Colorado, and he doesn't like what he's seen. (12/10/00)

The Best of the Baseball Internet

Warren Menzer takes a look at the best baseball websites, and hopes ESPN doesn't sue him for taking their logo.(12/7/00)

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