Rumor Mill

Anaheim Angels

  • If the Angels don't make an offer soon, they may lose reliever Mark Petkovsek to the Rangers. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • The signing of catcher Jorge Fabregas as Ben Molina's back-up likely means the end of Matt Walbeck's days in Anaheim. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • The Angels may pursue trades for Montreal's Dustin Hermanson or Colorado's Pedro Astacio to upgrade their pitching staff. (Los Angeles Times, 11/10/00)

  • If the Mets sign A-Rod, the Angels might swing a trade for Rey Ordonez to replace Gary DiSarcina, who is being courted by the Astros, White Sox, Mariners, and Orioles, at shortstop. (Los Angeles Times, 11/10/00)

  • Other than upgrading their pitching staff, a major off-season priority for the Angels is to sign Darin Erstad and Troy Glaus to long-term contracts. (The Sporting News, 11/10/00)

  • More Angels rumors...

Atlanta Braves

  • Andres Galarraga still hopes to return to Atlanta, but has also been contacted by the Cubs, Indians, and Rangers. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/4/2000)

  • Odalis Perez's recovery from Tommy John surgery is proceeding extremely well - he has been throwing in the mid-90s. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/18/2000)

  • The Braves are still pursuing Alex Rodriguez, as he visited Turner Field this week. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/18/2000)

  • The Braves have met with Mike Hampton's agent. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/9/2000)

  • Mark Grace's agent has suggested he'd be willing to get less than market value in order to sign with Atlanta. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/9/2000)

  • More Braves rumors...

Arizona Diamondbacks

  • Mark Grace is as close to a lock as possible with signing with the Diamondbacks.(Chicago Sun-Times, 11/26/2000)

Baltimore Orioles

  • Next season's projected outfield is Delino DeShields in left, Melvin Mora in center, and Brady Anderson in right. (Baltimore Sun, 12/4/2000)

  • Because of his hip condition (and poor fielder), Albert Belle will be the starting DH next season. (Baltimore Sun, 12/4/2000)

  • The Orioles restated their interest in free-agent shortstop Mike Bordick yesterday through a phone call to his agent. (Baltimore Sun, 11/18/2000)

  • The Orioles have some interest in David Segui. (Baltimore Sun, 11/9/2000)

  • Reliever Chuck McElroy will begin the 2001 season as a starter. (Baltimore Sun, 11/9/2000)

  • More Orioles rumors...

Boston Red Sox

  • If Mike Mussina sells his soul to George Steinbrenner, as expected, then the Red Sox will turn their attention to Manny Ramirez. (Boston Herald, 11/29/00)

  • The Red Sox have offered lefty Denny Neagle a 4-year, $42 million contract for no reason. Boston also has been in contact with starters Andy Ashby, Kevin Appier, and Frank Castillo. (Boston Herald, 11/28/00)

  • John Valentin maintains that his knee will be healed by spring training, meaning that he and Chris Stynes would likely share the third base duties to begin the season. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • Boston is looking into bringing back Tim Wakefield, who at one time was thought to have thrown his last knuckleball at Fenway Park. (Boston Globe, 11/22/00)

  • Pedro Martinez, during his Cy Young press conference, said he wanted Carl Everett back next season, and that he's confident that he can fit in in the clubhouse. That should pretty much put an end to the Carl Everett trade rumors. (Boston Globe, 11/14/00)

Chicago Cubs

  • The Cubs have made a "rough outline" proposal for ex-Brave Mark Wohlers. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/4/2000)

  • The Cubs are waiting for an answer from free-agent reliever Turk Wendell. Wendell reportedly won't sign until Jeff Nelson does to see how Nelson sets the market. (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/26/2000)

  • The Cubs are interested in three of Seth Levinson's clients. They are considering both Mark Wholers and Jeff Fassero for their bullpen, along with Todd Hundley. (Chicago Sun-Times, 11/17/2000)

  • The Cubs are pursuing Mike Hampton to be their ace. (Chicago Tribune, 11/17/2000)

  • The Cubs have offered Turk Wendell a 3-year $8 million deal. (NY Post, 11/17/2000)

  • More Cubs rumors...

Chicago White Sox

  • The White Sox are considering getting into the A-Rod hunt, but aren't sure if they have the money to make a serious bid. (Chicago Tribune, 11/3/2000)

Cincinnati Reds

  • Scott Williamson continues to be the most sought-after Red, with Toronto (offering Jose Cruz, Jr.) and Oakland (offering Ben Grieve) interested in adding Williamson to their starting rotations. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • The Reds may try to deal Drew Henson back to the Yankees. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • Michael Tucker (to Colorado or San Fracisco) may be the next Red shipped out of town. (11/19/00, Cincinnati Enquirer)

  • Chris Reitsma, acquired from Boston in the Dante Bichette trade, may be Cincinnatti's set-up man when all is said and done next season. (Cincinnati Enquirer, 11/12/00)

Cleveland Indians

  • Cleveland is looking at moving former closer Steve Karsay into the rotation. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

  • If the Indians lose Ramirez, they may work out a deal with the Blue Jays that would send Roberto Alomar back to Toronto for Raul Mondesi. (Toronto Star, 11/17/2000)

  • Manny Ramirez asked the Indians for $200 million over 10 years. Expect Manny to be more around $18-19 million range once he signs. (NY Daily News, 11/5/2000)

Colorado Rockies

  • The Rockies are expected to go after Dustin Hermanson. (Denver Post, 11/26/2000)

  • The Rockies will meet with Mike Hampton this week, and are prepared to offer an eight-year contract. (Denver Post, 11/26/2000)

  • The Rockies will meet with Alex Rodriguez and Mike Hampton this week. (Denver Post, 11/18/2000)

  • The Rockies are prepared to make an offer to Denny Neagle, who's a Colorado native. (Denver Post, 11/15/2000)

  • The Rockies are interested in Rick Reed, Darren Dreifort, and Denny Neagle. (Denver Post, 11/11/2000)

  • More Rockies rumors...

Detroit Tigers

  • The Tigers should have results from Juan Gonzalaez's back exam within the next few days (yes, he finally showed up...). The results of the exam will help the Tigers decide whether or not they will re-sign the statistically-obsessed Gonzalez.. (Detroit Free Press, 11/29/00)

  • TV Reports in Detroit stating that GM Randy Smith has cut all ties with Juan Gonzalez are false, according to Smith. Although the team is frustrated with Gonzalez's refusal to show up for apointments to have his back examined, they remain optimistic that they can re-sign him. (Detroit News, 11/18/00)

  • Second-tier free agent pitchers that interest the Tigers include Pat Hentgen, Andy Ashby, Darren Dreifort, and Denny Neagle. (The Sporting News, 11/17/00)

  • David Segui is drawing lots of interest from the Tigers, again pointing to a possible Tony Clark trade. Detroit Free Press, 11/16/00)

  • The Tigers may sign Juan Gonzalez to a one year contract instead of something long-term. (Ann Arbor News, 11/14/00)

Florida Marlins

  • Inconsistant, arbitration-eligible pitcher Jesus Sanchez could be on the block. (The Sporting news, 11/10/00)

  • Contrary to rumor, the Marlins will not try to bring former catcher Charles Johnson back to Miami this off-season. (The Sporting News, 11/3/2000)

Houston Astros

  • The Astros will likely sign a reliever soon, perhaps Jeff Nelson, Tom Gordon or Houstonian Mike Jackson, as insurance for Billy Wagner. (Houston Chronicle, 11/18/2000)

  • Roger Cedeño has been shopped around a good deal at the winter meetings. (Houston Chronicle, 11/8/2000)

  • The Astros have a surplus of outfielders - with Moises Alou, Richard Hidalgo and Lance Berkman the likely starters, Roger Cedeño and Daryle Ward might be traded. (Houston Chronicle, 11/3/2000)

Kansas City Royals

  • The Royals are interested in Sandy Alomar to help settle down the Royals pitching staff. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

  • Tom Gordon has been working out for the Royals, and the club may also take a look at lefty Scott Radinsky. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • Kansas City's "closer of the future," 24-year old Shawn Sonnier, may be on the opening day roster next season. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • Jose Rosado's return from injury most likely will knock Dan Reichert back to the bullpen. (The Sporting News, 11/10/00)

  • Seattle and Kansas City have talked about a Johnny Damon/Brett Tomko trade. (The Sporting News, 11/10/00)

  • More Royals rumors...

Los Angeles Dodgers

  • The Dodgers are going very hard after Andy Ashby. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

  • Catcher Todd Hundley is expecting offers from the Giants, Cubs, and Tigers. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • Despite repeated offers for Gary Sheffield, the Dodgers are unwilling to trade their to offensive player. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • The Dodgers are reluctant to increase their 5-year, $44 million offer to Darren Dreifort, meaning that the starter's stay in LA may be over. Dreifort is seeking a 5-year, $55 million contract. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

  • Three different "baseball sources" have reported that the Dodgers have made an offer to Rick Reed. (Los Angeles Times, 11/17/00)

Montreal Expos

  • The Expos are considering signing their former star Tim Raines to a one-year contract. (NY Post, 11/17/00)

  • Montreal and Toronto are discussing a trade that would send Dustin Hermanson and Orlando Cabrera to the Blue Jays and Roy Halladay and Jose Cruz, Jr. to the Expos. (Montreal Sports Report, 11/10/00)

  • The Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox (offering Tory O'Leary) have also expressed interest in Dustin Hermanson. (The Sporting News, 11/10/00)

  • If Ugueth Urbina is healthy by the start of spring training, the Expos will shop him around. (The Sporting News, 11/10/00)

Milwaukee Brewers

  • Jeremy Burnitz has told the Brewers that if they are going to re-sign him, they better do it before spring training. Burnitz' asking price is $9-10 million per season.(Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 11/26/2000)

  • The Brewers offered Geoff Jenkins a contract extension, and will do so soon with Richie Sexson as well. Neither player is arbitration eligible yet. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 11/17/2000)

  • Jeremy Burnitz wants to talk to the Brewers about a multi-year deal as he's entering the final year of his contract. He hasn't heard back from the team in the past month. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, 11/3/2000)

  • The Brewers are considering trading for Phil Nevin, as Sean Burroughs may be ready. (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 11/3/2000)

Minnesota Twins

  • Detroit, Seattle and Toronto have expressed interest in Matt Lawton, but the Twins have said that he is not available. (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 11/26/2000)

  • Jose Canseco is interested in signing with the Twins, but the Twins are worried about his history of injuries. (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 11/12/2000)

New York Mets

  • The Mets have been talking with both Turk Wendell and Rick Reed. Both are expected to return. (NY Daily News, 11/5/2000)

  • The Mets have made contact with free-agent lefty Denny Neagle. (NY Daily News, 11/5/2000)

  • Mike Hampton is not happy with the Mets right now as they did not up the offer they gave him in February. The Mets are risking losing Hampton as they want to free up the money for A-Rod, and then possibly go after a second-tier pitcher such as Denny Neagle or Darren Dreifort. (NY Daily News, 11/5/2000)

  • The Mets have spoken with the agents of Turk Wendell, Mike Hampton, and Mike Mussina. However, they've made no contact with the agent for free agent righty Bobby Jones. (NY Post, 11/3/2000)

  • Manny Ramirez will be the Mets backup plan if they can't land A-Rod. (NY Post, 11/3/2000)

  • More Mets rumors...

New York Yankees

  • The Yankees are looking at re-signing right-hander David Cone to an incentive-laden deal with a small base, possibly as low as $500,000. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

  • The Yankees are interested in signing Ken Caminiti to backup first and base, as well as DH.(NY Daily News, 11/26/2000)

  • Alex Rodriguez said he will not talk to the NY Yankees as he wants to remain a shortstop. (NY Daily News, 11/5/2000)

  • The Yankees are very interested in Manny Ramirez, although they have yet to make contact with his agent. (NY Daily News, 11/3/2000)

  • Chuck Knoblauch may be on the trading block. ( NY Post, 11/3/2000)

  • More Yankees rumors...

  • Oakland A's

    • The A's have begun talks with MVP Jason Giambi concerning a contract extension - they are looking to sign him for about $10 million a year. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

    • The A's are considering trading Ben Grieve for Scott Williamson. (Dallas Morning News, 11/9/2000)

    Philadelphia Phillies

    • Pet Hentgen is interested in coming to Philadelphia. (PhillyBurbs, 11/10/2000)

    • The Phillies could also pursue Jeff Nelson or Turk Wendell. (PhillyBurbs, 11/10/2000)

    • The Phillies could trade Doug Glanville to the White Sox for some bullpen help. (Phildelphia Daily News, 11/7/2000)

    • The Phillies plan to meet with San Diego, perhaps to discuss trading for Phil Nevin or Matt Clement. (Phildelphia Daily News, 11/7/2000)

    • Ed Wade said he already has had preliminary contacts with the agents of some free-agent pitchers. (Phildelphia Daily News, 11/3/2000)

    Pittsburgh Pirates

    • The Pirates plan to increase their payroll from $33 million to $50 million - they hope to get some bullpen help or another outfielder.(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/12/2000)

    St. Louis Cardinals

    • The Cardinals are going to make a move for one major free agent. There is a good chance they may choose Mike Hampton.(St. Louis Post Dispatch, 11/5/2000)

    San Diego Padres

    • Tony Gwynn's agent expects to get a contract offer on Tuesday from Detroit and/or Cleveland. (North County Times, 11/12/00)

    • With 20-year-old Sean Burroughs waiting in the wings, the Padres are fielding offers for third baseman Phil Nevin from as many as seven teams. San Diego is talking to Toronto (Vernon Wells), Milwaukee (Jermoy Burnitz), and Seattle (Brett Tomko or John Halama), as well as Boston, the Yankees, Philadelphia, and Houston about Nevin. (San Diego Union-Tribune, 11/7/00)

    San Francisco Giants

    • The Giants are looking for an outfielder and a pitcher, and have given a look at Charles Johnson. (San Francisco Chronicle, 11/12/2000)

    • If Ellis Burks does not re-sign, the Giants may go after Johnny Damon or Bernard Gilkey. (San Francisco Examiner, 11/12/2000)

    Seattle Mariners

    • Seattle is talking to free-agent shortstops with the understanding that Alex Rodriguez would move to another position if he re-signs with the team. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

    • The Mariners are looking at free agent shortstop Alex Gonzalez in case they lose A-Rod. (NY Daily News, 11/6/2000)

    • The Mariners, looking to beef up their lineup with lefty bats, may look to trade for Johnny Damon or Jeremy Burnitz. Any trade the Mariners would make for Damon would assuredly include reliever Jose Paniagua. (Seattle Times, 11/5/2000)

    • The Mariners are hoping that having Piniella back will help get A-Rod back. They are going to go all out as an organization to try to keep him.(11/3/2000)

    Tampa Bay Devil Rays

    • Tampa Bay is considering a starting prospect Josh Hamilton in right field this season. (Rocky Mountain News, 12/4/2000)

    • Tampa Bay had preliminary talks with Kansas City about Johnny Damon, but nothing has materialized yet. (The Sporting News, 12/1/00)

    • Although Jose Canseco has expressed interest in returning to Tampa Bay, the club aparently has no desire to re-sign him. TripleSteal would have to rate this decision as a home run for the Devil Rays, the first one under GM Chuck LaMarr. (The Sporting News, 11/22/00)

    • The Devil Rays do not plan on being big players in the free agent market this off-season, and will likely keep their payroll around the $55 million level next year. (The Sporting News, 11/10/00)

    • Several teams have expressed interest in Roberto Hernandez, but the Devil Rays plan to hold on to their closer, possibly waiting until the trade deadline in July to trade him. (St. Petersburg Times, 11/8/00)

    Texas Rangers

    • The Rangers may sign free agent reliever Mark Petkovsek. (Dallas Morning News, 12/4/2000)

    • In addition to Alex Rodriguez and Ken Caminiti, the Rangers are interested in signing another hitter, possibly Andres Galarraga or Jay Buhner. (Dallas Morning News, 12/4/2000)

    • Juan Gonzalez's agent has said that Gonzalez is open to returning to Texas. (Dallas Morning News, 11/26/2000)

    • The Rangers will meet with Scott Boras and Alex Rodriguez next week. Sammy Sosa is being talked about as a fallback if they can't get A-Rod.(Dallas Morning News, 11/14/2000)

    • Ken Caminiti has already visited Houston, and Ellis Burks will be coming to the ballpark this week. (Dallas Morning News, 11/11/2000)

    • The Rangers will probably not offer arbitration to Justin Thompson. (Fort-Worth Star Telegram, 11/9/2000)

    Toronto Blue Jays

    • The Blue Jays are shopping David Wells and with the Indians are always looking for left-handed pitching he could be dealt to Cleveland. (Toronto Star, 11/17/2000)

    • If the Indians lose Ramirez, they may work out a deal with the Blue Jays that would send Roberto Alomar back to Toronto for Raul Mondesi. (Toronto Star, 11/17/2000)

    • The Blue Jays are considering trading for Phil Nevin, and moving Tony Batista back to shortstop. (Dallas Morning News, 11/9/2000)

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